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Best Keyword Research Tools For SEO

Best Keyword Research Tools; Keywords are most important parts of SEO. We have fully discussed keywords research tools, the basic structure of SEO is keyword research, as well as other factors, are affected like on page SEO, traffics for your site, quality of content, design, and layout of your sites, targeting and language of your website or blogs.

In the world, there are many companies and organizations invest thousands of dollar or money to pay for keyword research and get the good content.

The right keyword selection isn’t easy, it’s very critical because analytic lot’s of data, tools, website and search engine. There are many keywords research tools are available in the world; some of the tools are free and some of the tools are paid.

Important SEO Tips

Increase Adsense CPC

There are many tools available that can provide a help you to check best keywords for your topics. There are two types of keywords faced by us like basic keyword research and competitor based keywords research; the basic keywords research used in the profitable markets and competitors based keywords research find the proven keyword of same like your site.

Here are The List Of Keyword Research Tools

  1. Google Keyword Planner


  3. SpyFu

  4. LongTrailPro

  5. SeCockpit

  6. KwFinder

  7. WordTracker

Best Keyword Research Tools:

1: Google Keyword Planner

Price: Free

The google keyword planner tool is one of the most powerful, popular and most used keywords research tools. google developers team provide free of cost for all users; the main reason for being so popular is it’s free and connected with google AdWords tools as well as simply use this tools to all users. if you want to use this keyword tool have a google Adwords account; The google keyword planner give the deep information about your website or blogs, the owner of the keyword planner is that google so, the main advantage of it gives full information about all search engine.

Top Free SEO Tools

Sign Up Here To Get Started With Google Keyword Planner

free keyword research tools
google keyword SEO research tools

2: SeCockpit

Price: $40 /month

Free: 30 Day Free Trial

Secockpit is an another most popular keyword research tool for niche online markets. it provides full planning of your website and improving the rank of your site; it also provides lot’s of features like a various type of keyword research module, step by step SEO task projects and module of your website. Secockpit gives a group idea of keywords via google suggestion and googles search engine related search; it’ also give an idea via amazon and YouTube suggest and Provide a Full Details Reports in PDF Format.

The Secockpit is the best product for search engine optimization, it gives 30 Day Free Trials.

Get 30 Day Free SeCockpit Trials

SECockpit free tools
SECockpit keyword research tools

3: SpyFu

Price: Basic plans are $79 and $99/month

: Agency Price $999/month

SpyFu is one of the best search engine optimization tools product on the global markets. This is mostly used in stay ahead of the competition and beat your competitors. Best use of SpyFu is that understanding your competition’s SEO platform; it provides full details of each and every keyword and group keywords idea of your competitors, most of organization and company are used this tools for his competition SEO platform

SpyFu also provides a comparison of website module for your competitors as well as give a full keyword history module of your website; it also provides a related content of keywords via google.

Check Out SpyFu Here

SpyFu free keyword research tools


Price: $150

Free: 14 day Free Trials

SemRush is an advanced level keyword research tool for everyone users. it is not a typical keyword research tools; it’s simple and easy to use, seed keyword lists with your SEO Starting Points. SemRush gives a 14 day free trials for its user and it also provides the premium version of SemRush package.

SemRush keyword research tool you have to enter only URLs of your website then it provides a full detailed information of your website or blogs like ranking, bounce rate, groups of keyword idea, special keyword, long trail keywords etc. it provide a depth details on your website traffics, traffic reports, source of your website traffics, search engine reports, Adsense CPC (Cost Per Click) and May Other Details Are Retrieved of your URL.

Check Out 14 Day Free Trial Of SemRush

SEMrush tools

5: WordTracker

Price: $69/month,  $449/Year

Free: 30 days Free Trial

The word tracker is most commonly used for small business plans; it provides a keyword research for an advanced level SEO. The word tracker provides a best keyword research tools, link builder, entire SEO. The Link Builder tools is a unique to word tracker and this is not found in other SEO products. The main problem or limitation is that it give fewer results than other services.

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Wordtracker tools

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